Bright Wellingtons Size 5s

I have been
Pushing myself so hard
I`ve been doing
The staredown
For so long…

All I am is
Bright Wellingtons size 5s
Landing in a rain puddle.
No fear of the dirt.
Through the water and
Into the bottom of mud,
Huge splatter,
No one cares,
It’s just rubber,
Put it under the cold hose,
It’s gonna be fine,
He’s just a silly boy.

Altitude gain.

So by the time the rise closes
And I feel like falling down,
Who’ll carry me home?

I can’t look up to my messiah
And do the staredown,
But I`ve been pushing to do it
For so long…

If the boy can`t sleep,
Pour 40 drops of liquor
Into his milk;
He`ll forget all there is,
His mouth soaked up with malt,
Until he rises.


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