Somewhat Me in Somewhat You

Once I felt
I could be vulnerable
Around you.
A castle made of sand
The wind can
Blow away.
Grain by grain,
Or brutally,
Like the ocean could too.

For a fraction of a lifeline,
I let the invisible hand
Steal a piece of life
And sow it
Somewhere elsewhere,
Where seeds never grow,
Just linger.
Fallen asleep,
Dreams never seemed
Any less real than the
Wake-up reality,
Just better I guess.

Bristle up when paralyzed.
Contrast shower in the desert.
Public transport with no one.

The way of the soul
Always leads to
Where it began.
There ain’t no time
Going forth,
Not there
Where I see
Somewhat me
In somewhat you.
I have well known
I’ve been lost too.


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