It’s All Time

Summer is the season
When I know
You can rock your short jeans
And leave your footsteps
In the moonway sand,
And I can just follow them,
One feet more at a time,
Catching up with
The divine smell of you hickory hair
And your sandcastle skin
I can touch on and on.
On and on.

It`s all time.
Lit by the candle light
Of the stardust we share
Like a billion sparks
In a huge midnight fire.
Precious like burning jewels,
Priceless like how funny it is
Throwing them in
Cause we know nothing beats time
When it comes down to counting
The moments in life
You can steal for yourself
And share if you wish
With one other`s self.
The whole sky is our fanfare.
It gave us the roar of its audience
And the flash of its nightlights.
No one noticed we survived so far
In our enigmatic dance,
Me like a tree in the wind,
You like the wind round a tree.
The funny and the gracious.
The rooted and the free.

You rock your short jeans so well.
The sand becomes softer for your feet.
The air becomes lighter for your moves.
The night becomes quiet for your breaths.
I am all here.
One feet more at a time.


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