In Another World

In another world,
We`d be cuddling by the campfire,
Just the two of us there somewhere,
Telling each other stories of
How foolish we were as kids
How fun it was not being an adult,
Fine konyak aiding the tongue.
When there’d be rain,
We`d stay out and get wet
For the fun of not caring
And the romance of a stolen kiss
Under the umbrella of an old tree.
We’d then get back into our camper,
All smiley and giggling, all wet,
And just sit in there on the small sofa,
Listening to the rain on the roof,
Watching it paint pictures on the windows,
A painter not for sale,
Our very own Turner or Monet
Interpreting the nowness of our world
Into a motion picture of our shared presence.
Thus would be our simple life
In another world,
Where I met you and fell in love,
And then you followed,
Slow but steady as the rising sun,
And nothing held us back,
Gods just gave us what they had
And left us there,
Some very special somewhere,
To light a fire of our own.


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